Achilles, Eris, Palpitations / Sleep Deprivation

Nina Todorović

Nina Todorović
Άχιλλεύς (Achilles)
Ερις (Eris)
Palpitations/Sleep Deprivation
Video/Glitch/Gif/Collage animations, 2022
Works in the cycle Discontinuity Logbook — daily notes, reactions to various phenomena and impulses, short comments, impressions, etc.
The cycle began as a series of classical collages that have expanded to the field of video and animation with a sound background. Materials found on the Internet are combined with photographs/video recordings that the artist makes every day. Visual representations of Greek mythological characters and primordial deities, that carry certain symbolism connected to a specific theme (vulnerability, rage, communication, lack of sleep, etc.) were used as the main motifs.

Actual works are trying to deconstruct the phenomenon of social networks, life in virtual space, lack of true communication, false ideas about ourselves and others (in social networks, we are all strong, invulnerable, the prettiest, the best, but it takes very little to demolish the image we create of ourselves in public). They also indicate passive-aggressive interactions and violence that takes place every day in various forms and which definitely deforms previous life and moral principles, as well as redirection to the new, virtual dimension to which we must all adapt or we shall be rejected.