Open Call

Predrag Terzić

Text: Saša Ilić, VR: Marko Granić, Sound: Ivana Miljković, 2022
During the time of isolation and weird information, I began dealing with image and space in a traditional way, which I’ve later transferred to VR. We live in a world where the image that appears, thought new media, doesn’t automatically have to mean that the relationship is connected to perception in terms of intersubjective relationship in which there is a reference to something real in the relationship between the image, observer and the surplus of the imaginary. Thanks to that situation, the image from the media is better remembered, we are mesmerised by pictures on social media or certain portals that alternate cyclically. It happens that in one moment we remember the picture, thus taking it from the body of the media where we saw it and transfer it to our memory. That is the field in which we are free to change, make things different or embody through another software (VR).
If in that space there is a text, which becomes inspiration for artificial intelligence (AI), which later generates new images, in further taking away from everything known through an algorithm, then we get a media construction of the reality which contains AI in the artificial presence. Artificial presence of the image makes the observer enter a new situation, in which he has to understand the difference between the live (real presence) and the other one, not alive (which comes from the software). On one hand, he is freed from the previous knowledge of the image, which he sees as an intertextual and metatextual production of media images, while on the other, the way he sees it is mediated by the awareness of the change of reality in which what is present is being shown to him. The images that exist in the virtual space can only refer to what is real in their environment.