Milan Ličina

Kinetic sculpture of data, 2022
The work is a composition of digital genetic art in real time created by shaping data, using artificial intelligence techniques and scene design, merged under the notion of kinetic data sculpture.
It is dedicated to the phenomenon of absorbing information from the network without special control. The work also indicates conscious positioning of the machines (i.e., automatised robots from the browser’s drive) as infallible authorities and arguments, giving them the function of “higher power”. In connection to that, we’ve used the notions of the Fates and prophetess in the visual treatment of the work.
Use of such symbolism implies the sense of spirituality, which as an invisible force awakens by is very existence, while at the same time it signifies wisdom and infallibility that we ascribe to technology.
Beside digital aspect of the work generated from real search history of citizens of Serbia and whose responses are defined by bot created for the purposes of this work, there is a physically present distaff with spindle, continuously spinning
the digital thread - fibre of our current situations which we willingly indulge in after a check of under 47 milliseconds. Monotonous, mechanical movement simultaneously indicates that the offered choices are exclusively a result of a precise automatization.
Installation strives to pose the question what are the reasons why we submit even our own intuition to the logic of algorithms and if such tendency is in connection to superstition which we pass on in the collective subconscious.