My Attempts

Maja Obradović

Combined drawing on paper, 2022
The work combines drawing on paper with paper casting, which can be seen when the spectator gets closer to the work. In that way, the question of original and copy is opened, which is current in the digital world as well. The production process requires repetition in painting, casting and writing of the words, as well as a special selection of the “successful” castings of the words. The whiteness of the paper between the two f-you castings is louder than any colour tone. During the work, I have felt the need to find and obtain the depth of those banal two words that we all sometimes use.

The figures have no faces, they don’t have an identity and they become part of the whiteness/silence between the two curse words, two SMS messages, two persons that cannot realise their desires and two, and perhaps countless, typed abbreviations.