Is Digital Tactile?

Arpad Pulai

Installation, 2022
Technical support: Zoran Đ. Milisavljević
The work indicates the paradox of digital society, as well as the false illusion of experience gained through digital media. At the same time, it also points to the virtual presentation of a man who wants to experience the so-called tactile stimulus (never physically gained experience) through a digital medium. Projected human body intesively tries to exchange the experience of material sensation with the digital perception.
Physical component, as a place for gaining tactile experience, consists of a natural structure, physical manifestation in the form of textile relief. The object of tactile fascination are experimental textile surfaces realised using biomimetic generation principle.
Constant consumation of digital culture leads to habituation, i.e., weakened reaction of an organism to tactile experiences, but we should overcome this lacuna through the perception of this work. At the end, the work poses the question of the boundary that separates useful and harmful consumation of the digital culture. A question also arises whether digital experiences, i.e., digital sensations, can be compared to the experience of physical sensation and touch.